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Enterprise Software Solutions Development

Code Tree designs, delivers and maintains mission critical systems that solve business problems and overcome technical challenges for our clients. Our team brings end to end experience to your Enterprise. From solution architects to software engineers to database administrators, Code Tree has the best of talent necessary to ensure your projects success.

Our consultants have deep experience in proven methodologies for custom Web and desktop application development, as well as COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) integration, eGov solutions, and mobile solutions. Code tree provides services across public and private sectors.

Open Source Solutions

Due to significant benefits offered by Open Source applications, both Private and Government organizations are opting for Open Source Software. Apart from the obvious savings in License Fee and Annual Maintenance Costs, the bigger benefits are achieved by avoiding vendor lock-in. The open source software like database, application server, web-server, reporting tools, integration engine, and operating system are considered for use as much as possible. Code tree supports in selection of technology (open source or otherwise) by keeping the functional, technical and non-technical requirements in mind.

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  • Focusing on Open Source solutions across the Enterprise, Code Tree has extensive capabilities with Open Source Service Oriented Architecture, Open Source Content Management Solutions and Open Source Analytical and Data Visualization Solutions.
  • Budget based systems are a specialty of Code Tree. Our experts combine hands on knowledge and experience in development environment with industry leading software development capabilities to build systems that work fitting the client's budget.
  • Our Web team leverages our depth in Knowledge Management and Business processes to create systems that increase websites Usability.
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Web application Development

We at code tree use a centralized web-based functionality using a responsive design framework provides a rich user experience across multiple devices while reducing costs for development, administration, distribution, and enhancements.

Code tree develops custom web based systems for our clients. Web app development creates an application that is accessed over a network typically the Internet. These web apps often integrate with external systems, internal systems, web services, and databases providing users with an intuitive rich user experience throughout navigation, workflow, content presentation, dashboard analytics, and reporting.

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Code Tree has the experience and technical expertise to integrate multiple platforms with the Web, Mobile Web, and Mobile Apps creating special solutions that are right for your business. For Web app development and Mobile web app development projects our initial design phase ensures we find the best solution that fits our client's needs.

Our Development phase includes architecting, designing, and developing the entire web app and mobile web app platform. We work on most existing and emerging mobile web app development platforms. We can build new web services or integrate with your existing ones. Our consultants have worked with many web app development and mobile web app development technologies and frameworks.

Not only can we help you with your Web app development we can help you get it deployed as well. Our Deployment phase of the project includes the server and network engineering to establish the test and production hosting environments.

We provide role-based web-enabled business process management. We provide the technology that supports our customer's business processes.

  • Full life-cycle engineering support
  • Oracle/J2EE, .NET/SQL
  • Open Source Solutions
  • SAAS and cloud-based application integration/deployment
  • Web 2.0 / interactive content / communities / social media
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
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Mobile Applications Development

M-governance is an umbrella term that covers the use of mobile technologies (e.g., SMS, USSD, voice, location, mobile applications, etc.) to enhance the governance and developmental impacts in various domains. While deeply intertwined to e-governance, it has emerged as a separate domain aimed specifically at addressing the digital divide in access to services. However, by themselves, they cannot be effective in development or governance. To make them act as catalysts in this process, corporate need to support access to information, development of relevant content and services in the local languages, an enabling infrastructure, and an effective awareness and communication campaign aimed at the end users.

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Mobile technologies can also be used in new and innovative ways to engage with citizens and stakeholders, for example in holding consultations and gathering feedback. They can help in strengthening the demand side of business by allowing the consumer to engage with business enterprises and demand better services. This can foster transparency and accountability and generate new business opportunities. They can also enable disintermediation in the delivery of services by facilitating direct contact with the clients.

The rapid development of mobile technology and its growing integration with the cloud creates new opportunities for both consumers and enterprises that were unimaginable only a few years ago. This evolution also means that solution providers must constantly update their technology to stay relevant in this extremely competitive market.

We help our customers create innovative mobile solutions that go where their users want to use them. Whether the product is consumer-oriented or enterprise-oriented, our mobile and cross-industry expertise enables us to collaborate with businesses across all market segments and all phases of the product lifecycle.

Code Tree has assembled highly qualified mobile app development, who work on most existing and emerging mobile platforms. Code Tree specializes in:

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
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Web Designing

Code Tree has a focused practice area for web design and usability as part of our broader Knowledge Management capabilities. Code Tree believes that Web design and usability is less about elaborate site visuals and more about solid site navigation and the ability to find relative content. Our approach is to focus on the end user needs and experience and then reverse engineer a solution to meet those needs. We will work in collaboration with your key stakeholders, project staff, and end users to determine the best approach for your organization's needs. The end result is a web experience that drives user satisfaction and adoption. This method ensures that your engagement with Code Tree will ultimately drive return on investment for your organization.

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Corporate Dashboard

Corporate Dashboard is a lightweight, Software as a Solution (SaaS) product that will visually bring insight into your Companies data. The customizable dashboards will empower you to make important decisions in a multitude of areas including budget, finance, grants management, performance measurement, asset management, workforce management, and portfolio planning and management.

Corporate Dashboard drill-downs can help you rapidly understand and share high level insights or specific details about day-to-day operations. With its quick launch capability on mobile & web, provides highly customizable interface, Corporate Dashboard is a comprehensive performance measurement solution or a complement to your existing Business Intelligence software toolkit.

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Data Ware House Apps

The data warehouse focuses on gathering data from source content areas and then storing the data in a useful way for later consumption. A data warehouse is usually split up into three focus areas:

  • Data staging area - This area is where data from operational systems or other content providers is stored.
  • Integration area - This area is where data is transformed, aggregated, and enhanced to be most useful for later consumption.
  • Access area - This area is used for getting information out of the data warehouse for presentation or other uses.
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When building a new data warehouse it is critical to use mainstream industry standard dimensional modeling techniques. This approach enables users and processes to access the information in the warehouse from a number of different angles. It is also important to use a phased approach where the data warehouse can be initially created and then extended by adding new content areas within an iterative release management framework.

Code Tree can assist your organization with their Data Warehouse needs including:

  • Plan your data warehouse strategy
  • Create data warehouse architecture
  • Gather and document data warehouse requirements
  • Create source to target mapping documentation
  • Define required transformations
  • Perform data profiling
  • Select data warehouse tools
  • Install, configure and administer the entire data warehouse tool and data storage environment
  • Design and develop the data warehouse areas
  • Oracle Apps Support Services
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